CiboWares offers a wide range of disposable products that are perfect for use at any event: bibs, picks and skewers, straws, take-out containers, and high quality cutlery and tableware.


Make Business More Efficient Using Our Disposable Products

Disposable products help make a busy work environment more efficient and timely. By using our disposable products, your staff will be able to devout more time to customer service and food preparation. In addition, the use of many disposable products is a much more sanitary option than using reusable versions. 

Some of our disposable item collections include:

Our bibs come in both child and adult size. For children, they are a practical item to have in any restaurant where families commonly visit. Adult size bibs come in handy when serving foods such as lobster, crab, other shellfish, or even ribs.

Coasters are a practical item in any coffee shop, bar, or restaurant as they prevent furniture from being damaged from extreme temperatures or condensation on glasses. They are available in a variety of designs. 

We have an extensive line of cutlery and utensils. We offer high quality knives, spoons, and forks in both wood and plastic. Our high quality wood products will not crack, split, or splinter with reasonable use. They can be disposed of in the composter or food waste bin, and are eco-friendly. Our plastic cutlery can be recycled.

Paper lace doilies are an excellent way to add some personality to your display case, dessert plates, or appetizer platters. Using doilies on dishes means there is not as much food debris stuck on plates or platters; cutting down on time spent washing difficult to clean dishes. Our paper doilies come in a wide range of sizes; they are perfect for sitting under everything from dainty tea cups to a large cake. 

Gloves are necessary for use in many settings, and CiboWares is able to meet your needs with our range of gloves made from a variety of materials. Latex, nitrile, poly, synthetic, vinyl, and rubber gloves are available. We also sell latex free hairnets, beard protectors, and caps. 

Straws are a necessity in any restaurant, bar, or coffee shop. Many kinds of straws are available, including standard drinking straws, sipping straws, neon colossal straws, and jumbo spoon straws. If your establishment serves cocktails or frozen beverages, consider using a garnish for each glass. Our fun picks and skewers spear fruit and provide a bit of fun and whimsy to each drink. 

CiboWares range of tableware includes bowls, plates, serving boats, tasting cones, and dip trays. Our dishes are made from bamboo, and palm leaves. They are eco-friendly and can be disposed of in the composter. Coming in a variety of sizes, our tableware is perfect for any party or reception. They are ideal for any catering company or private function where the need for convenience meets the desire to be ecologically friendly.

If your business serves take-out, you’ll love the wide range of products CiboWares has to offer. We offer folded boxes which are ideal for many foods in a variety of sizes. Our cartons are perfect for serving soups, stews, curries, or most any liquid food item. Take-out boxes made from sugarcane are an excellent addition to any restaurant offering take-out or delivery. This new to CiboWares product can withstand high heat and wet foods. Our triangular boxes are designed to serve single slices of pizza to-go. We also sell plastic bags for carrying multiple items.