Concession Supplies

Keep Your Concession Stand Running All Day Long

Made from premium quality and eco-friendly materials, our concession stand supplies offer a level of durability that’s sure to satisfy customers and staff members alike.

Concession Supplies

Serve Up Delicious Treats

With CiboWares selection of concession stand products, your business will never be caught unprepared. Make your slushies, corn dogs, fries, and other tasty snacks stand out from the crowd with these durable and fun products. 


Cup Sleeves: 

Able to slid over most standard sized disposable cups with ease, these cup sleeves are perfect for protecting customers hands against piping hot coffee, cocoas, or tea. They are environmentally friendly, made from 80% post consumer recycled fiber and are available in printed or non-printed styles. 

  • Sizes: 8 oz - 24 oz
  • Printed cups have "Enjoy :)" printed on the front 
  • Printed cups have boxes on the reverse side to note the type of beverage
  • Environmentally friendly 


Fry Oil Filtration: 

Filter out smoky smelling, old particle residue from oil with fry oil filtration products. These products help keep fry oil fresh and reduce the amount of times your stand replaces oil, saving your business valuable money in the process. Get rid of the disgusting taste of old fry oil and keep fries and other fried food items tasting fresh with these efficient products.

  • Paper filter sheets
  • Paper filter discs
  • Non woven filter cones
  • Filter cone holders
  • Paper filter envelopes



From food prep to cleaning, CiboWares gloves are sure to meet any concession stands needs. Poly and vinyl gloves are great for working with deli meats or food prep and yellow flocked lined gloves can be used for heavier duty tasks such as scrubbing sinks. 

  • Poly
  • Vinyl
  • Latex
  • Nitrile
  • Synthetic
  • Yellow flocked lined


Take-Out Boxes and Bags: 

Take-out boxes are a concession stand's best friend. CiboWares offers a wide variety of take-out boxes and containers to keep food fresh and at the perfect temperature. Perfect for hot and cold take-out, these products can withstand heavy loads. Thank you/take-out bags are ideal for holding take-out boxes and help prevent spills from take-out food items. 

  • Kraft, white, and black folded take-out boxes
  • Round clear deli containers
  • Round and rectangular containers
  • 2 compartment black oblong containers
  • Pizza slice holders.
  • Vented paper food container lids
  • 8 oz - 32 oz Paper food containers and lids
  • Plain black, white, wave top, and Thank You/Gracias take-out bags


Picks and Skewers: 

Looking to add some flair to beverages? Use plastic sword or prism picks to spruce up any dish. Keep sandwiches together and give food items a distinct look with bamboo display or paddle picks. Skewers are a necessity for concession stands when serving up tasty shish kabobs, candy apples, or corn dogs and come in various styles and sizes. 

  • Plastic sword, prism, or arrow picks
  • Cocktail parasol umbrella picks
  • Bamboo display, knit, ball, and paddle picks
  • Wood Sandwich picks
  • Flat and round bamboo skewers
  • Wood skewers


Straws and Stirrers: 

Give your beverages some extra pizzazz with CiboWares stirrers and straws. Made from plastic, bamboo, and wood materials, these fun, colorful, and multi functional straws are perfect for sipping a wide variety of beverages. Use jumbo or giant straws to sip thicker beverages such as milkshakes or slushies, and use foil fireworks drinking straws to add some color and style to sodas or ice tea. Some straws and stirrers are available individually wrapped, making them perfect for take-out orders. Stir stix, and wood and bamboo stirrers feature elegant, functional designs and are ideal for stirring cream or sugar into coffee or tea. 

  • Black, red, and white with red stripe sip straws
  • Flexible straws
  • Jumbo red, black, and clear straws
  • Colossal neon straws
  • Foil fireworks drinking straws
  • Assorted paper fruit straws
  • Bamboo coffee stirrers
  • Kraft paper wrapped bamboo stir sticks
  • Wood coffee beverage stirrers
  • Wood stir sticks
  • Black and clear plastic ball end stirrers