Paper Placemats

Protect Tabletops and Provide a Sanitary Dining Experience

CiboWares offers a variety of colorful and uniquely designed placemats. Ideal for protecting countertops against spills and hot or cold dishes, these placemats are designed to provide a sanitary dining experience to all customers.

Paper Placemats

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Colorful and Convenient: Elevate Your Table Setting with CiboWares Placemats 

Discover an array of disposable paper placemats at CiboWares designed to safeguard your tabletops and enhance the overall dining experience for your valued customers. Our paper placemats act as a protective barrier against both hot and cold dishes, as well as spills, ensuring a clean and enjoyable dining setting. With the convenience of disposability, each customer receives a fresh paper disposable placemat, contributing to an impeccably sanitary environment.

Crafted from ground wood paper, our placemats paper is not only completely recyclable but also eco-friendly, aligning with your commitment to sustainability. The disposable nature of these bulk paper placemats adds a layer of efficiency that your staff will greatly appreciate.

At CiboWares, we offer a spectrum of colors and designs for our wholesale paper placemats, allowing you to choose the perfect complement for your establishment. Select from classic white, Greek key design, blue, gold, dark green, red, burgundy, vibrant green, festive Mexican Fiesta, Florida theme or educational Italian Map and Facts designs. With so many different styles there are even options that can work as Christmas paper placemats, Thanksgiving paper placemats and paper placemats for weddings.

Rest assured, each paper placemat is dyed with color-fast ink, ensuring that the vibrant hues stay put even when they come into contact with moisture. Elevate your restaurant's dining atmosphere with our durable, stylish, and hygienic paper placemats wholesale from CiboWares.