Poly Gloves

Keep Workers Hands Clean and Comfortable

CiboWares offers a quality selection of regular, premium, and elbow poly gloves. They are an economical alternative to latex gloves and perfect for use performing lighter duty tasks.

Poly Gloves

Make food prep a snap

Ideal for locations where frequent glove changes are a must, loose-fitting poly gloves are perfect for completing lighter duty, low heat tasks. Prevent food contamination with these light and breathable gloves. FDA approved for food contact, they are the economical choice for food prep. Poly gloves are most commonly used in bakeries, restaurants, produce departments, fast-food businesses and delis. Poly gloves are ideal for light kitchen tasks such as making sandwiches, salads, or sushi.

Extended length poly gloves are Ideal for mixing food items in vats or bins. Elbow and Shoulder length poly gloves offer complete forearm protection and come in a convenient dispensing bag. Elbow gloves are 21.5” in length and the Shoulder gloves are 35” in length. The extended sleeve provides additional protection which also makes them a good fit for agriculture work.

Not sure what size you need? You can refer to our sizing chart for help.


  • All gloves FDA approved for food contact
  • Powder free
  • Economical food grade glove
  • lightweight
  • Loose fit, makes frequent glove changes easy


  • Not chemical resistant
  • Very thin
  • Not good for extended use
  • Not recommended for anything medical related
  • Not heat resistant