Party Picks

Featuring fun, festive, and colorful designs these exciting picks are guaranteed to liven up any event. Perfect for use with appetizers, various drinks, or holding together sandwiches or wraps, CiboWares selection of party picks are sure to be a hit.

Party Picks

Make Dishes Stand Out From The Crowd

Available in a variety of unique styles, CiboWares party picks are sure to provide the strength and flair needed to make any dish a success. 


Wood Sandwich Picks: 

Ideal for use with sandwiches or burgers, wood sandwich picks have a rounded edge at one end and a pointed edge at the other to allow for the easy insertion and removal of the pick. 

  • Size: 3.5"
  • Smooth surface


Club Frill Picks: 

Keep delicious sandwiches, appetizers, and burgers together with frill picks. They feature colorful frill details at one end, and a pointed edge for easy insertion into food items at the other. 

  • Size: 2.75" and 4"
  • Material: foil and wood
  • Colors: green, yellow, blue, and red
  • Smooth surface
  • Regular frill pick styles available 


Cocktail Parasols: 

Ideal for use in cocktails or appetizers, these decorative picks feature a toothpick at one end and a collapsible parasol at the other.  

  • Size: 4"
  • Colors: yellow, green, blue, pink, and orange