Paper Food Cups

Hold Everything From Stews to Salads

The perfect choice for any take-out location, these containers are guaranteed to vent out steam with ease. Their convenient and durable lids have been specially designed to fit firmly onto the container to prevent messy spills or leaks for maximum convenience.

Paper Food Cups

Prevent Leaks or Spills 

Hold ice cream, fruit, soups, stews, salads, and more with CiboWares selection of food containers and lids. Leak and grease resistant, their durable and vented lids are guaranteed to prevent leaks or spills. Ideal for use at restaurants, hotels, fast food chains, hotels, food trucks, and other take-out locations, they are guaranteed to keep food fresh and ready to serve. 

  • Sizes: 8 - 32 oz (containers, 8/12 - 32 oz (lids)
  • Material: paperboard with a PE coating (containers), food grade polypropylene (PP) plastic (lids)
  • Containers come in kraft and white styles
  • Combo styles come with lids, otherwise they are sold separately
  • Lids are recyclable