Serve With Breath Mints After a Meal

Show your customers you value their business with CiboWares selection of high quality toothpicks. Available in kokeshi, round, and square styles they are perfect for serving to customers after a delicious meal.


Features Smooth and Splinter-Free Designs

Ideal for use with bite-sized appetizers or finger foods such as fruit, cheese, and other small snacks, these toothpicks are splinter-free and durable. Available in mint individually wrapped styles, they can be used with take-out orders or served to customers after their meal. Ideal for use in dispensers, some toothpicks come in a specially designed dispenser box. Available in a variety of stylish designs, these toothpicks are a must have for any restaurant or food service location. 


Kokeshi Toothpicks: 

  • Size: 2.5" 
  • Material: birch wood 
  • Has a stylish designer tip 

Mint Individually Wrapped Toothpicks: 

  • Materials: birch wood with cellophane or paper wrap
  • Individually wrapped to promote sanitation 

Round Toothpicks: 

  • Size: 2.65"
  • Material: birch wood 
  • Plain round and round styles available 

Square Toothpicks: 

  • Size: 2.625"
  • Material: birch wood