Disposable Cutlery And Utensils

Made from a premium quality CPLA, plant starch, wood, plastic, and bamboo materials, CiboWares selection of cutlery and utensils are ideal for use at restaurants, catering events, take-outs, Asian or Chinese restaurants, buffets, and more.

Disposable Cutlery and Utensils

Add Some Fun and Flair to Any Dish

No meal would be complete without quality cutlery and utensils. CiboWares selection of disposable cutlery and utensils are ideal for serving everything from bite-sized snacks and ice cream, to creamy soups and crispy salads. Don't let your restaurant be caught unprepared, stock up on these durable products to keep your business ready for anything. 



Available in unwrapped or individually wrapped styles, CiboWares plastic, wood, and bamboo cutlery are ideal for use at take-outs, restaurants, catering events, or parties. Made from premium quality bamboo, birch wood, and plastic materials, use plastic or wood heavy duty forks and knives to dig into fresh salads or meat dishes, or spoons to enjoy a piping hot cup of soup. Two prong wooden forks are ideal for use with french fries, and taster spoons are the perfect way to attract new customers with free samples. Throwing a themed party? Use 3 prong devil forks to add some fun and style to any meal.

  • Heavy weight or medium weight plastic cutlery
  • 6.57" red plastic 3 prong devil forks
  • 3" plastic taster spoons
  • 6.25" heavy weight wooden cutlery
  • 5.5" two-prong wooden forks
  • 3.54" paper wrapped wooden spoons
  • 4" bamboo heart forks
  • Black and white cutlery kits



Made from premium quality bamboo materials, these stylish chopsticks come in elegantly designed sleeves to ensure they stay sanitary and ready for use. Ideal for use at Asian or Chinese restaurants serving up sushi, noodles, or other cuisine, their durable design is guaranteed to prevent unfortunate cracking or breaking.

  • Size: 9"
  • Material: bamboo 
  • Scriptures/Packaging: "Good Luck, Long Life, Good Health, & Well Being" and "Bamboo Chopsticks"
  • Red or closed paper sleeves