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Disposables for Food Trucks

Whether your food truck is serving at an office or park at lunchtime, or a weekend street fair, keeping up with your line of customers is essential. This, combined with tight space, makes disposable supplies indispensable. We understand these concerns and provide a complete line of disposable products to keep your food truck going. Our products include eco-friendly tableware and utensils to show your customers your care for the environment. Keep on reading to learn more about our disposable food truck products!


When it comes to quick and easy serving, there’s no better choice than our selection of picks and skewers. If your food truck is all about fun, plastic arrow or sword picks are an excellent choice to display your business’ sense of whimsy. Sword and arrow picks are made from food grade plastic to prevent breaking. They are available in a variety of colors to easily match any company’s color scheme. 

Summer celebrations like the Fourth of July are enhanced by using our American flag picks. They are great for holding together sandwiches or sliders, or for decorating the tops of cupcakes or ice cream. Easily create a display of your patriotism by using American flag picks.

If you’re looking for eco-friendly options, bamboo picks are a great contender. These picks are made entirely of bamboo, and add a touch of style to any takeout. There are also decorative bamboo picks featuring bead ends in a bunch of styles and colors.

Kokeshi style wooden toothpicks offer a classic, elegant appearance to any appetizer. Made from splinter-free birch wood, these toothpicks have a carved detail on the top. They are a more stylish alternative to plain toothpicks.


While our picks are great for small finger food items, our skewer selection is perfect for kabobs and other creative dishes. Our flat and rounded bamboo skewers, for example, are splinter-free and offer a simple yet stylish look to any food truck meal. Made for grill and oven use, our wooden skewers can pierce through fruit, veggies and meat with ease. Even though all our picks and skewers are disposable, you can boast to your customers that you care about the environment. Our bamboo and wood skewers are eco-friendly and are made from readily renewable resources!

Napkins and Napkin Bands

No food truck can run without a full supply of napkins. Our 2-ply beverage napkins are more durable than standard papers napkins and come in a variety of colors to go along with your truck’s theme or vibe. An easy way to enhance customer dining experiences is to pre-wrap napkins and cutlery, and seal with a napkin band. This makes it easy for customers and staff to quickly grab a bundle.

Tasting Cones

Serving smaller portions that are big on flavor? Tasting cones will set you apart from the rest! You can trust our bamboo and wooden tasting cones to offer both style and convenience to all customers. Both products feature a durable design that prevents cracking and breaking. Their shape makes them perfect for guests to carry while walking around. Available in a variety of sizes, these cones are perfect for offering samples of new dishes, or small servings of decadent dishes!

Serving Boats

Most food trucks go with low quality paper or polystyrene plates and bowls, but why should you do the same? Our serving boats are a unique shape and can easily serve many kinds of dishes. They are made from bamboo and wood, and come in a variety of sizes. Whether you’re serving small orders of french fries or yummy nachos, our serving boats are resistant to cracks, leaks and tears. They can also serve as a convenient place for customers to set down their kabobs or tacos.

We are proud to provide a variety of disposable food truck products to our customers, but our products don’t stop there. From grill cleaning supplies to register rolls, we have all the food truck supplies you need to keep yours running until the last customer in line has been served. There’s no reason to wait - browse through our site and find your supplies today!


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