Picks and Skewers for Every Event

Elegant, fun, and unique our varied selection of picks and skewers are guaranteed to add some class to any event. Perfect for kabobs, sandwiches, appetizers, or beverages they will make any dish look delicious.

Picks and Skewers

Fun, Functional, and Convenient  

CiboWares food picks and skewers are designed to add both fun and functionality to your dishes! Add a splash of color with our many styles of food and drink picks, or make serving fruits and cheeses a breeze with our bamboo display picks. Grilling meats and vegetables is fast and convenient with our eco-friendly bamboo and wooden skewers. 

Food Picks 

Whether you want add fun and whimsy to your drinks and dishes, or add a look of natural elegance to a tray of appetizers, CiboWares has a wide variety of food and display picks to help you meet your presentation needs. Our products are available in high quality plastic, bamboo, and wood. 

Food pick products include:

  • Bamboo paddle, display and knot picks 
  • Plastic sword, prism, sword, and arrow picks, available in a variety of sizes and colors
  • Wooden sandwich picks
  • Cocktail umbrella picks




Grill meat, vegetables, and seafood with ease, or artfully display colorful fruit kebobs with CiboWares' bamboo or wooden skewers. Skewers should be soaked in water prior to use on a grill or in an oven. Both wooden and bamboo are strong, eco-friendly, and provide convenience in the kitchen and at the grill. 

Skewer products include:

  • Round bamboo skewers
  • Flat bamboo skewers
  • Round wooden skewers
  • Thick wooden skewers