Single Copy Guest Checks

Ideal for use at restaurants and delivery and take-out services, these guest checks are ideal for keeping orders neat and organized. Economical and lightweight, they are sure to impress both servers and customers alike.

Single Copy

Ensure Quick and Accurate Recording

Make taking customers orders quick and easy with CiboWares single copy guest checks and server pads. They are ideal for recording food and beverage orders, the date, table numbers, total amount owed by the customer, and the name of the server. 


Server Pads: 

Featuring eight perfectly spaced lines for easy and accurate recording, these server pads are ideal for keeping track of customers orders, tables, the number of guests, and the name of the server. 


Guest Checks: 

Make taking customers orders a snap with guest checks. Perfect for noting customers orders, table numbers, the number of guests, etc. they are an absolute must-have for any restaurant location to ensure that servers and kitchen staff look professional and organized. 










  • 1 part booked
  • Color: white



  • Guest check board or paper 
  • Booked or loose
  • 1 part booked
  • 1 part loose 
  • Carbonless, interleave carbon, or carbon styles
  • Colors: green, pink, red, tan, and white
  • Unique guest checks available are red asian guest checks and white gracias guest checks