Disposable Gloves

Disposable Gloves For Hands-On Jobs

Important for working in any kitchen or healthcare facility, disposable gloves are a must-have. They are ideal for protecting customers from contaminated food and protecting users from substances.


Keep Hands Protected with CiboWares Selection of Gloves

Prevent the contamination of food and users coming in contact with chemicals with our selection of premium quality gloves. Prevent leaking, tearing, and melting by choosing just the right gloves for your needs. 


Poly Gloves: 

Lightweight, these gloves are perfect for jobs that require the  frequent changing of gloves and are loose fitting, giving users hands some much needed breathing room. Poly gloves are perfect for prepping salads, sandwiches and slicing deli meats.

  • Material: polyethylene
  • Colors: blue or clear
  • Lightweight
  • Latex-free 


Vinyl Gloves: 

Featuring excellent wet and dry barrier protection, these gloves have a form fitting design with a beaded cuff to ensure gloves stay secured during use. Durable, they can be used near a heat source. Vinyl gloves are good for light to medium weight tasks such as cleaning, food prep, cooking. Medical grade options are great for medical examinations and procedures

  • Material: polyvinyl chloride
  • Colors: blue, cream or clear
  • General purpose powdered or powder-free styles
  • Latex-free


Latex Gloves: 

Similar to vinyl gloves, latex gloves feature a form fitting design with a beaded cuff and are great for medium duty tasks. Able to withstand hot temperatures, these gloves are a durable choice but have been known to cause some allergies. Latex gloves are suitable for medium to heavy duty tasks and are great for cleaning, dish washing and tattooing. Exam grade options are ideal for medical and dental check-ups and procedures.

  • Material: natural rubber latex
  • Color: cream or black
  • General purpose powdered or powder-free styles


Nitrile Gloves: 

These strong gloves offer strong resistance to oils, acids, raw meats, and toxins and are great for heavy duty tasks such as removing bones and fat from meat or cleaning. Nitrile gloves are great for heavy duty work such as construction, mechanical work, cooking and deep cleaning. Nitrile gloves come in exam grade options that are perfect for healthcare professionals. 

  • Material: nitrile butadiene rubber 
  • Colors: white, blue and black
  • General purpose powdered or powder-free styles
  • Latex-free


Hybrid Gloves: 

Similar to poly gloves but more durable and fitted to the hand, the hybrid gloves are perfect for completing food prep tasks. 100% recyclable, they are also a more environmentally friendly option to traditional poly gloves. Hybrid gloves are ideal for food prep.

  • Material: Low-Density Polyethylene
  • Color: clear
  • Powder-free
  • Latex-free

    Yellow Flocked Lined Gloves: 

    Protect users hands against harmful chemicals and detergents with yellow flocked lined gloves. Featuring flocked (cotton) lining and embossed fingertips, they are ideal for medium risk jobs such as dish washing and cleaning.

    • 18mm thick
    • Material: latex
    • Color: yellow