Durable and Comfortable

Offer quality protection against food contamination with CiboWares selection of hairnets. Available in black, dark brown, and light brown, these latex-free hairnets are ideal for use at a variety of food service locations.


Avoid the Contamination of Food


Featuring an extremely comfortable and breathable design, CiboWares selection of hairnets minimize the chances of hair falling into food while cooking or serving. Ideal for use in restaurants, healthcare facilities, or food processing units, their comfortable fit makes them ideal for extended wear. 

  • Sizes: 20" and 28"
  • Material: fire retardant pure nylon netting
  • Colors: black, dark brown, and light brown
  • Extra-tight weave
  • Latex-free
  • Lightweight and heavyweight styles



Our selection of koronets are made from soft nylon honeycomb netting and feature extra-tight weave. Durable, they are latex-free and have been constructed from fire retardant netting for maximum convenience. Comfortable, they feature an enduring breathable design and are comfortable to wear over long periods of time.

  • Sizes: 18" - 24" 
  • Material: fire retardant soft nylon honeycomb netting
  • Colors: white, blue, dark brown, black
  • Extra-tight weave
  • Latex-free