Vinyl Gloves

CiboWares selection of durable vinyl gloves are available in blue or regular styles and small, medium, large, or extra large sizes. Offering resistance to mild chemicals, they are ambidextrous to provide optimal tactile sensitivity.

Vinyl Gloves

Flexible and Accessible

Featuring excellent wet and dry barrier protection, these gloves have a form-fitting design with a beaded cuff to ensure gloves stay secured during use. Durable, they can be used near a heat source and are ideal for tasks such as mopping floors, hairdressers applying hair dye, or making a sandwich. Vinyl gloves do not have must stretch, so it’s important to make sure you are ordering the correct size, if the sizing is too small they will tear.

Exam grade vinyl gloves are ideal for use in medical facilities and are latex-free, making them accessible to users with latex allergies or sensitivities. Vinyl are the most economical exam grade gloves available. Perfect for use in home care, assisted living, hospitals, doctor’s offices, dentists’ offices and any other medical setting. Our Exam Grade Chameleon Synthetic gloves have a bit more stretch than the other vinyl exam gloves. Overall vinyl does not stretch as much as nitrile and latex medical gloves so we highly recommend referencing our sizing chart.


  • All gloves FDA approved for food contact
  • Economical
  • Form fitting
  • Latex free
  • Medical grade options available
  • Excellent resistance to garden chemicals, bleach and fluorides



  • If too small they will rip instead of stretch
  • Acetone eats through them
  • Not recommended for automotive work
  • Poor resistance to animal fats, pine oil, Hydrogen Peroxide, and diesel