Paper Caps

These sturdy, disposable paper caps are an attractive, affordable, and effective option for protecting food from potential contamination. Their attractive and effective design and form fit make them ideal for use in hospitals, restaurants, and cafeterias.

Paper Caps

Fun and Stylish

Featuring distinct designs these caps are ideal for offering employees a comfortable and lasting fit. Provide quality protection against food contamination with CiboWares selection of paper caps. 


Classy Caps: 

These caps are made from strong crepe paper, giving them a lightweight and breathable design that makes them ideal for users working long hours in the kitchen. They are fully size adjustable for maximum convenience. 

  • Sizes: adjustable
  • Material: crepe paper
  • Colors: white, or white with red or blue stripe


Overseas Caps: 

These stylish caps are very similar to classy caps but feature a raised crown design to give staff a contemporary look. 

  • Sizes: adjustable
  • Material: crepe paper 
  • Colors: plain white, and white with red or blue stripe


Kids Disposable Chef Hats/Caps: 

Featuring adorable fish and animal designs, kids caps are sure to be a hit with younger customers. A great alternative to coloring placemats, kids are sure to enjoy coloring these caps while waiting for their meal. 

  • Sizes:1" L x 3.35" H
  • Colors: white 
  • Fish and animal designs
  • Can be colored and worn