Foil Take-Out Containers

For restaurants and other food service locations offering takeout, choosing quality containers is a must. With CiboWares' selection of foil takeout containers, packaging dishes to go has never been easier.

Foil Take-Out Containers

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Keep Takeout Orders Fresh, Safe, and Ready to Enjoy

CiboWares' quality selection of foil takeout containers is perfect for any restaurant that offers takeout options. Package everything from curry to lasagna in our stylish foil containers. Made from aluminium, they are designed to seal freshness in and keep contaminants out. These containers also feature full curl rims that can snugly crimp around lids in order to prevent sauces and food items from leaking out or spilling during transport. While they are not microwave safe, our products are safe to use in ovens or freezers for customers who want to freeze or reheat their orders. Durable enough to stand up to any dish, they are the perfect choice for establishments looking to reduce cleanup time and ensure every meal makes it home safely. 

  • Material: Aluminum Foil
  • Lid Material: Aluminum Foil, Plastic
  • Sizes: 24 fl oz - 343 fl oz
  • Not Microwave Safe
  • Oven & Freezer Safe