Grill Cleaning Supplies

Make cleaning dirty grills a snap with CiboWares grill cleaning supplies. With so many products available, we have everything needed to clean safely and keep equipment clean and ready for use.

Grill Cleaning Supplies

Clean Grills and Fryers With Ease

CiboWares grill cleaning supplies are up to any messy task, and are guaranteed to leave grills and fryers clean and food tasting better than ever. 


Griddle Screens: 

Perfect for use on grimy hot grills, griddle screens are guaranteed to remove tough stains and food residue on griddles and grills with ease. Their rayon mesh screen allows for easy rinsing without clogging for maximum convenience. 

  • Size: 4" x 5.5"
  • Material: treated with aluminum oxide
  • Rayon mesh screen


Black Grill Cleaning Pads: 

Scrub away tough stains with these cleaning pads. They are ideal for use cleaning cooking utensils, pots and pans, and removing tough grease from grills. 

  • Material: nylon web and abrasives
  • Color: black
  • Non-soap pad


Griddle Blocks: 

Make your stainless steel grills sparkle like new with griddle blocks. Made from abrasive materials, they are not recommended for use on polished, chrome-plated, or shiny stainless steel surfaces. 

  • Material: glass foam
  • Wrapped in polyethylene film
  • Abrasive


Grill Cleaning Kits: 

These convenient and economical kits contain pads, screens, and holders to make cleaning grills at your establishment a quick and easy process. 

  • Material: plastic
  • Compatible with griddle screens and grill cleaning pads


Grill Screen and Plastic Pad Holder: 

Easy to use and perfect for polishing up dull grills, prevent employees from burning their hands on grills with grill screens and plastic pad holders. 

  • Pads: 1 or 10 pads
  • Screens: 1 or 10 screens
  • Metal or plastic holder


Screw N Lock Universal Pad Holder: 

Featuring a 360 degree rotating neck, these holders can clean tough corners with ease, and are ideal for removing finish and wax from baseboards, floor edges, and stairs. 

  • Material: plastic
  • Threaded or tapered handle
  • Plastic holder with grippers
  • Hook-loop bottom