Take-Out Food Boxes

Quick and Convenient packaging

Make packaging takeout orders a breeze with our wide selection of convenient to use Takeout Boxes. Our takeout boxes come in a large variety of sizes to suit any packaging need, from desserts and appetizers to entrees.

Take-Out Food Boxes

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The convenient way to package take-out orders

Corrugated Takeout Boxes

Cibowares’ selection of corrugated takeout containers come in a variety of sizes, from small to full pan, making them a perfect fit for many popular takeout items such as burgers, subs, fried fish, wraps, fries and other appetizers. Our corrugated take out boxes are shipped flat, so they don’t use up valuable storage space. Reversible, these containers can be kraft or white on the outside. Made of 100% recyclable materials these eco-friendly containers make preparing take out orders a breeze.

  • Material: Corrugated Cardboard
  • Color: White or Kraft
  • Recyclable
  • Arrives flat for easy storage


Folded Takeout Boxes

Our folded takeout boxes are available in a large variety of sizes with no assembly required, making them perfect for quickly packaging entrees, appetizers and desserts. Our Kraft folded Takeout Boxes are PE coated making them leak and grease resistant, so they can stand up to any sauce or gravy. These folded boxes retain heat and vent out steam, allowing them to keep food fresh and ready to serve. The top flaps are easy to open so your customers can enjoy their meal on the go.

  • Material: PE Coated Paperboard
  • Color: Kraft, White or Black
  • Recyclable
  • No assembly required