Cellulosic Straws

Our best compostable straws yet! These straws look and feel like clear plastic, with the benefit of being at home compostable. The most eco-friendly way to sip a beverage.

Cellulosic Straws

Introducing Primeware's latest innovation – Cellulosic Straws, the sustainable alternative that combines the convenience of plastic with the eco-friendliness of compostable materials. Crafted from wood pulp and recycled content, these straws are designed to look and feel like traditional plastic straws, providing a familiar experience while making a positive impact on the environment.

Key Features:

  • Sustainable Sourcing: Made from responsibly sourced cellulosic materials (wood-pulp) and recycled content, our straws contribute to a more sustainable future.
  • Compostable: These straws can be composted at home in your compost bin! BPI certified for commercial compostability and TUV Austria certified for home compostability, they break down naturally, reducing waste and leaving no trace.
  • Clear and Convenient: Enjoy the clarity of plastic without the environmental guilt. Our cellulosic straws are clear, making them an attractive and versatile choice for all beverages, including milkshakes, floats, smoothies, and more.
  • Color: Clear
  • Reduce Landfill Plastic: By choosing our Cellulosic Straws, you're actively contributing to the reduction of plastic pollution in landfills. Make a conscious choice for a cleaner planet.
  • Performance Par Excellence: These straws not only look like plastic but also offer a performance and feel similar to traditional plastic straws, ensuring that you don't compromise on quality while making an eco-friendly choice.
  • Paper Wrapped: Each straw is thoughtfully paper-wrapped, making them a sanitary choice for customers on the go and making them an environmentally conscious option from wrapped to straw.

Make the switch to Cellulosic Straws and sip with a purpose – a step towards a greener, cleaner planet. Choose sustainability without compromising on quality or convenience.