Eco Cold Cups

Serve up Everything From Juice to Smoothies

Eco cold cups are ideal for serving a variety of cold beverages such as water, juice, smoothies, soda, and yogurt parfaits. Made from PLA and CPLA, our selection of cold cups and lids are sure to impress.

Eco Cold Cups

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Serve up Refreshing Beverages with Style

Our selection of quality eco cold cups are made from PLA or corn-based plastic. They are clear in color to allow for the easy identification of contents and can be used to serve water, juice, smoothies, yogurt parfaits, and more. 

Dome lids are a great option for beverages with toppings or fruit cups. Their design allows foodservice locations to top beverages with fruit, sauces, and delicious whipped cream. Flat lids are also available and are better suited for use with sodas or juice as they do not allow room for toppings. Dome and flat lids are made from CPLA or modified corn-based plastic. 

  • Cup Sizes: 9 oz. - 24 oz. 
  • Lid Sizes: 9 oz. and 12 to 24 oz.