Coffee Stir Sticks

Treat Customers to a Great Tasting Beverage

Heat resistant and durable, these coffee stir sticks can be used with a variety of delicious beverages. Splinter-free, they ensure safe handling by the user and are made from eco-friendly bamboo and birch wood materials.

Coffee Stir Sticks

Sip in Style with our Premium Coffee Stir Sticks Collection

Transform your coffee and hot beverage rituals into a stylish affair with our premium collection of stir sticks for coffee. Crafted from eco-friendly bamboo, BPA free plastic and birch wood materials, these drink stir sticks are the perfect accompaniment to your aromatic coffees, teas, and cocoa, adding an elegant touch to any coffee shop, break room, or restaurant.

Bamboo Coffee Stirrers:

Indulge in sustainable elegance with our Bamboo Coffee Stirring Sticks. Crafted from premium bamboo, these stirring sticks for coffee bring a touch of nature to your beverage experience. Available in both 5.5" and 7" lengths, these eco-friendly stirrers offer exceptional resistance to expansion and contraction. Explore the added charm of kraft paper-wrapped styles for a more sanitary stirring experience, or for customers on the go.

  • Crafted from premium bamboo
  • 7" in length
  • Kraft paper-wrapped option available
  • Eco-Friendly

Wood Coffee Stir Sticks:

Discover the art of stirring with our Wood Coffee Stir Sticks, meticulously crafted from quality birch wood. These wooden coffee stirring sticks boast a smooth, flat design, adding a touch of class to your coffee or tea ritual. Perfect for blending cream, sugar, or milk into your brew, these wooden stir sticks elevate your sipping experience. Unwrap the convenience and style of our individually wrapped wood stirrers, bringing a perfect balance of practicality and sophistication to your table.

  • Made from quality birch wood
  • Available in 7" and 7.5" lengths
  • Individually wrapped wood stir sticks available

Plastic Coffee Stirrers:

For a convenient and disposable option, explore our Plastic stir and plug sticks. Ideal for stirring hot and cold beverages, then plugging the sip hole of your drink lid for easy transportation. These plastic stir sticks provide a fuss-free solution for any setting – be it coffee shops, break rooms, or events. The classic 4.75" and 7.5" sizes cater to various preferences, ensuring a reliable stirring companion for all your beverage needs. Customers will love the convenience of a stirring stick that can also plug their coffee lid to keep their drink hot and spill free on the move.

  • Made from BPA Free Polypropylene
  • 4.75" and 7.5" sizes to cater to various preferences.
  • Doubles up as a plug for the sip hole of coffee lids for spill free travel
  • Available in pink, red, white and black.

Elevate your coffee enjoyment with our range of coffee stir sticks, including the classic wood coffee stir sticks, bamboo options, and more. Whether you prefer the natural aesthetic of wood or the eco-friendly appeal of bamboo, our collection offers the perfect drink stirring sticks for every situation. Experience the art of stirring with CiboWares.