Disposable Trays and Accessories

Your customers will love our molded fiber trays. Made from 100% reclaimed bagasse (sugarcane) they are freezer safe, microwave safe and compostable. Perfect for serving hot or cold dishes at cafeterias, events and more.

Disposable Trays and Accessories

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Strong and Enduring

Featuring an elegant and functional design, CiboWares’ molded fiber trays are freezer safe and microwave safe, making them not only perfect for events and cafeterias, but also freezing and reheating food. Made from compostable bagasse, they are a convenient and environmentally friendly option for your customers. Available in a variety of sizes our trays are perfect for serving up everything from veggies and dip to main dishes and desserts.

Some of our molded fiber products contain added PFAS for grease resistance. If you're looking for products with no added PFAS look for "no PFAS added" in the title.