Catering Supplies

Supplies For Every Event

Made from superior materials including bamboo, birch wood and palm leaves, our catering products add a level of quality and elegance that is sure to impress guests at your next event.

Catering Supplies

Everything You Need to Host the Perfect Party 

With so many things to think about when catering for a party or event, it can seem like an overwhelming task. Use CiboWares catering supplies to meet all your catering needs and impress guests with your delicious food, stylish tables, and attention to detail. 



Protect clothing against dust and messy spills and splashes with CiboWares aprons. Waterproof, polyethylene aprons have extra long ties to accommodate a variety of sizes and ensure the apron stays firmly secured while in use. Polypropylene aprons offer excellent protection against dirt and dust particulates and feature a lightweight, yet durable design. 

  • 0.5, 1, 1.5, and 1.77 mil poly aprons
  • White and blue lightweight poly aprons
  • 6 mil blue PVC apron with tie strings
  • Polypropylene aprons


Chef Hats and Hair Restraints: 

Keep surfaces and food items sanitary with chef hats and hair restraints. Chef hats have been made to fit most head sizes for maximum convenience, and some feature a sweatband to make extended wear comfortable. Hairnets, koronets, and O.R. caps feature a breathable design and come in a variety of vibrant colors to add some style and fun to traditional hair restraints. 

  • Fluted and pleated chef hats
  • Hairnets in 20" - 28" sizes 
  • Koronets in 18", 21", or 24" sizes
  • O.R. caps in 19", 21", or 24" sizes
  • Overseas caps
  • Beanie caps
  • Classy caps
  • Beard protectors
  • Polypropylene hoods with elastic face enclosures



From food prep to cleaning, CiboWares gloves are sure to meet any events needs. Poly and vinyl gloves are great for food prep and latex can be used to keep users hands dry while washing dishes. Picking up larger food items? Elbow poly gloves are the perfect choice as they provide greater coverage. 

  • Poly
  • Vinyl
  • Latex
  • Nitrile
  • Synthetic
  • Yellow flocked lined 


Scouring Pads and Sponges: 

Remove baked on food residue and clean floors or appliances with scouring pads and sponges. Durable and effective, these products can stand up to even the largest of messes, and are guaranteed to keep your kitchen sparkling clean and ready for the next event. 

  • Institutional soap pads
  • Scouring pads
  • Utility pads
  • Stainless steel sponges
  • Wipe out sponges


Table Covers: 

White poly banquet rolls are guaranteed to protect tables from spills or stains. Featuring a cut-to-fit roll, they can fit any size table for maximum convenience. 

  • Size: 40" x 300'
  • Color: white
  • More durable than paper table covers
  • Cut-to-roll fit
  • Protects tables against messy foods and spills
  • Disposable



Made from eco-friendly birch wood, bamboo, and palm leaf materials, these enduring products are a great alternative to traditional tableware. During the palm or bamboo product making process, bamboo stalks or palm fronds are gathered, shredded, sanitized, and pressed to make the product. No chemicals or toxins are used during this process. Use tasting plates or cones to serve small appetizers, and serve customers their meal with style by using bamboo or wood serving boats or bamboo cocktail plates. 

  • Round and square palm areca plates and cocktail plates/li>
  • Bamboo round and square cocktail plates
  • Disposable bamboo tongs
  • Bamboo and wood tasting cones
  • Bamboo and wood serving boats


 Stirrers and Straws: 

Give your beverages some extra pizzazz with CiboWares stirrers and straws. Made from plastic, bamboo, and wood materials, these fun, colorful, and multi functional straws are perfect for sipping a wide variety of beverages. Use jumbo or giant straws to sip thicker beverages such as milkshakes or slushies, and use foil fireworks drinking straws to add some color and style to juices. Use stir sticks to stir cream into coffee or tea with ease for maximum customer satisfaction. 

  • Giant red straws
  • Black, red, and white with red stripe sip straws
  • Flexible straws
  • Jumbo red, black, and clear straws
  • Colossal neon straws
  • Foil fireworks drinking straws
  • Assorted paper fruit straws
  • Bamboo coffee stirrers
  • Wood coffee beverage stirrers
  • Wood stir sticks
  • Kraft paper wrapped bamboo stir sticks
  • Black, orange, and white stir n plug stix 
  • Black and clear plastic ball end stirrers
  • Beverage plugs
  • Black stir stix plugs