Plant Based Cutlery

PSM or plant based cutlery is not biodegradable or compostable. Made from 80% PSM and 20% polypropylene materials, produce less waste than regular plastic cutlery and are ideal for serving hot and cold dishes. They are sure to add some elegance and style to any table setting.

Plant Based Cutlery

Stylish and Eco-Friendly 

Serve up everything from salads to piping hot pasta and chicken dishes with PSM cutlery! PSM cutlery is made from plant starch material resin which is produced from corn and potato starch. They are FDA approved for food contact but are not compostable.


PSM forks, knives, spoons, and soup spoons contain 80% PSM and 20% polypropylene materials. Water and oil proof, these products can stand up to any messy dish with ease. Choose from our selection of eco-friendly cutlery to find a cutlery option that perfectly suits your needs. 


  • Material: PSM
  • Size: 7"