Eco-Friendly Food Service Disposables

Made from bamboo, wood, sugarcane, and palm materials, our selection of picks, skewers, plates, bowls, serving boats, tasting cones, and other dinnerware are guaranteed to be a hit at any food service location.

Eco Friendly

Go Green With CiboWares Eco-Friendly Products

Don't settle for low-quality flimsy products, use CiboWares selection of eco-friendly foodservice disposables to meet any need. 


Hot cups made from SFI (Sustainable Forestry Initiative) paperboard are wonderful for serving coffee, tea, hot chocolate, cider, and other hot beverages. Serving up refreshing juice, water, soda, smoothies, yogurt parfaits, or other cold beverages? Use our selection of PLA or corn-based plastic cold cups! Cup carriers made from recycled cardboard/paper are available to allow users to easily carry large beverage orders for maximum convenience. 


No meal would be complete without quality cutlery. Wood, bamboo, plant starch, and CPLA cutlery are wonderful options. From two prong forks to chopsticks, our selection of cutlery can be used to serve everything from french fries to dessert and Asian cuisine with ease. 

Don't forget to use our bamboo and wood picks to keep sandwiches together and add a pop of color to meals! 


Palm, bamboo, and sugarcane tableware is an enduring and stylish option. Durable, they can carry heavy meals with ease and have a unique look that is sure to impress. Bamboo and wood skewers are ideal for skewering kabobs, marshmallows, and candy apples, while eco wood and bamboo stirrers can be used to stir milk, sugar, cream, and sweeteners into coffee and tea. 


Packaging takeout orders? Check out our selection of paper food containers, food containers, folded takeout boxes, sugarcane takeout containers, molded fiber hinged lid containers, and more.