Food Truck Supplies

Serve Up Delicious Take-Out

CiboWares wide selection of products are made from high-quality and eco-friendly materials, ensuring your food truck keeps running until the last customer is served.

Food Truck Supplies

Make Your Food Truck a Success

We offer everything you need to keep your food truck running smoothly. With serving, picks and skewers, and cleaning supplies at your disposal, your food truck is sure to be a hit. 



Make your food truck stand out from the crowd with CiboWares selection of bamboo and wood tasting cones and serving boats. Featuring a unique design, their size options make them perfectly suitable for holding everything from candy to entrees. Made from all natural birch wood or bamboo materials, they are the ideal tableware choice. 

  • Eco-friendly
  • Stylish
  • Bamboo and wood tasting cones in a variety of sizes to suit any food dish.
  • Bamboo and wood serving boats are ideal for take-out orders


Picks and Skewers:

Looking to add some flair to beverages? Use plastic sword or prism picks to spruce up any dish. Keep sandwiches together and give food items a distinct look with bamboo display or paddle picks. Skewers are a necessity for food trucks when serving up tasty shish kabobs, candy apples, fruit, or meat and come in various styles and sizes. Their durable designs make them perfectly suited for use at any busy food service location. 

  • Plastic sword, prism, or arrow picks
  • Cocktail parasol umbrella picks are sure to add some festivity and fun to any beverage.
  • Bamboo display, knit, ball, and paddle picks
  • Wood Sandwich picks
  • Flat and round bamboo skewers
  • Wood, thick wood, and wood skewers with chamfer edge



Keep your food truck sanitary and clean with hair restraints, gloves, and fry oil filtration products. Chef hats and hairnets and gloves help keep germs and contaminants from coming in contact with meals. Fry oil filtraton products filter oil to keep food smelling and tasting fresh. Protect employees clothes from spills or stains with disposable aprons. Waterproof, they are up to any kitchen task. 

  • Poly and lightweight poly aprons. With blue or white options available, sizes range from 24" x 42" - 28" x 55".
  • Latex, vinyl, poly, nitrile, and yellow flocked gloves
  • Filter sheets, envelopes, discs, cone holders, and frydelite fryer and grill cleaners.



Looking for more food truck supplies? These are some of the other high quality products that are sure to satisfy both customers and food truck employees. 

  • Cup sleeves
  • Food shells
  • Guest checks and order pads
  • Register rolls
  • Takeout boxes and bags
  • Pizza stackers