Chef Hats and Hair Restraints

CiboWares offers a wide selection of high-quality chef hats and hair restraints for commercial kitchens and fine restaurants. Our heavy-duty hairnets and chef caps offer a protective barrier against unsanitary food contamination.

Chef Hats and Hair Restraints

Chef Hats and Hair Restraints for Every Job

Keep food and surfaces sanitary with CiboWares selection of stylish and durable chef hats and hair restraints. Ideal for use at any food service locations, these products are sure to impress.

  • Sizes: 7" - 12"
  • Color: white


Chef Hats: 

CiboWares selection of chef hats have been made to fit a variety of sizes for maximum user convenience. Some feature a sweatband to make extended use in hot kitchens more comfortable. Flat pack styles are useful for saving storage space as they can be disassembled, and pleated chef hats have a seven hole vented top for maximum breathability. They are available in flat pack, fluted, pleated, and viscose styles. 

  • Sizes: 19", 21", and 24"
  • Colors: blue, green, white, red, and yellow
  • Features an elastic band
  • Latex free


Bouffant/O.R. Caps: 

Featuring a lint free, breathable design, O.R. caps have a snug, adjustable fit for all sizes and is made from spunbonded polypropylene fabric which helps give the cap a comfortable fit. 

  • Sizes: small and large
  • Colors: black, navy, and white
  • Lightweight and breathable material


Disposable Beanie Caps: 

Featuring a unique, and distinct look, these caps are more economical than cloth caps, and their disposability cuts down on the cost and time spent laundering. 

  • Sizes: adjustable
  • Colors: white, or white with red or blue stripe
  • Made from crepe paper


Paper Classy Caps: 

These caps are made from strong crepe paper, giving them a lightweight and breathable design that makes them ideal for users working long hours in the kitchen. They are fully size adjustable for maximum convenience. 

  • Sizes: adjustable
  • Colors: plain white, and white with red or blue stripe
  • Made from crepe paper


Paper Overseas Caps: 

These stylish caps are very similar to classy caps but feature a raised crown design to give staff a contemporary look. 

  • Sizes: 11" L x 3.35" H
  • Colors: white 
  • Fish and animal designs
  • Can be colored and worn


Kids Caps: 

Featuring adorable fish and animal designs, kids caps are sure to be a hit with younger customers. A great alternative to coloring placemats, kids are sure to enjoy coloring these caps while waiting for their meal. 

  • Sizes: 18", 21", and 24"
  • Colors: black, dark brown, white, and blue
  • Extra-tight weave
  • Latex free



Breathable, koronets are made from fire retardant honeycomb netting and soft nylon material, and their lightweight design makes them ideal for use over long periods of time. 



Very similar to koronets, hairnets are made from fire retardant nylon netting. 

  • Sizes: 20" and 28"
  • Colors: black, dark brown, and light brown
  • Extra-tight weave
  • Latex free
  • Lightweight and heavyweight styles



Looking for more hair restraint products? CiboWares offers beard protectors and hoods to provide extra protection against contaminants. 

  • Nylon honeycomb beard protectors
  • White latex free polypropylene beard protectors
  • White polypropylene hoods with elastic face enclosures