Lemon Wraps

These lemon wraps are perfect for keeping cut citrus fresh, and allow guests to squeeze fresh juice directly into food or beverages. CiboWares has three unique styles of lemon wraps: flat yellow lemon wraps with green ribbons, white lemon wedge bags, and yellow lemon wedge bags.

Lemon Wraps

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Elevate Your Citrus Presentation with CiboWares' Lemon Wraps

Discover a touch of elegance for your lemon presentation with CiboWares' Lemon Wraps. Not only do these wraps keep citrus fruits fresh, they also ensure a more sanitary and refined dining experience by providing functional lemon covers for squeezing. Our collection features two styles: a flat yellow wrap adorned with a green ribbon and a choice between white or yellow lemon wedge bags.

Lemon Wedge Bags

Perfect for presenting slices or wedges of lemon, each lemon mesh bag is made from a fine mesh material that allows customers to squeeze lemon into their drinks or over their foods without worrying about seeds or pulp. The innovative design prevents direct contact with the lemon, promoting a hygienic dining environment. Choose lemon wedge bags for a touch of sophistication and practicality.

Lemon Wraps with Ribbon

Ideal for larger lemon wedges or halves, our lemon covers feature a fine mesh construction secured with a vibrant green ribbon. This elegant solution allows customers to effortlessly squeeze lemon juice onto their foods or into their drinks, free from unwanted pulp or seeds. The wrap ensures that customers' hands never come in direct contact with the fruit, enhancing the overall sanitary dining experience.

Upgrade your citrus presentation and create a lasting impression with CiboWares' mesh lemon covers – the perfect blend of freshness, style, and practicality for an exceptional dining experience.