Catering Products

Catering Made Easy

Our collection of catering products is sure to contain everything you need to transport and serve meals for any event. From catering food boxes, pans, chafing fuel and table covers, Cibowares has you covered. Perfect for restaurants, cafes, and food service companies.

Catering Products

From your kitchen to the Venue, CiboWares makes it easy

Whether you are feeding hundreds at a large celebration or dozens at a family BBQ, our quality catering products are designed to make transporting and serving food a breeze.


Catering Food Boxes

Our catering boxes are the convenient and simple choice for your next catering event. These boxes are shipped flat which allows you to save valuable storage space between events. Our durable boxes are available in a variety of sizes. We have the full pan and half pan catering boxes to hold entrees and sides of all sizes. We also carry smaller corrugated take out boxes that are perfect for busy takeout restaurants or for serving appetizers and other food items at events and parties.


Catering Food Pans

Our foil food pans are made from durable aluminum and are made to pair with our catering food boxes. These pans are freezer and oven safe, so you can prep, cook, store and serve your meals all in the same pan. When the event is over they can be recycled, making them a good option for the eco-conscious. Lids and pans are sold separately.


Chafing Fuel

We carry a variety of safe and clean chafing fuels that are guaranteed to keep your food hot and fresh through any occasion. With options for burn times of 2, 4 and 6 hours there’s a fuel to suit every event. Our chafing fuel cans are guaranteed to burn 100% of the contents. The cans are made from recycled materials and can be recycled again once empty. A must have for any catering company, hotel, event venue or buffet restaurant. Never serve room temperature food again.


Unlike alcohol based fuels our non-flammable wick fuels will not evaporate if left uncapped and can be stored in any location safely. The safe pad option has a special fuel reservoir that prevents fuel from spilling even if knocked over. Not sure how long the event will run? Reduce fuel waste with our screw cap cans. Featuring a convenient pull off/put on plastic screw cap, they are perfect for recapping and reusing.>


Our 2-hour ethanol gel chafing fuel is ideal for events where there isn’t enough space for wick fuel between the pan and heat source. Featuring a non spill design, our gel fuel is the go-to pick for outdoor events since windy conditions can cause wick fuel flames to go out. Our ethanol gel fuels are a perfect fit for fondue pots, hibachi grills, camp stoves and chafing dishes.


Table Covers

Our durable poly table covers are guaranteed to keep your tables looking tidy and professional. This product is sold in 40” x 300’ rolls making them a convenient choice when traveling to and from events. The rolls are cut-to-fit making them a one size fits all option for your catering event. The poly construction makes them stronger than paper table covers and allows for a quick and easy cleanup. Protect tables against messy foods and spills with confidence.