Disposable Paper Doilies

Embellish Your Restaurants Table Settings

Made from durable bond paper, our doilies will bring some elegance to dishes served at your restaurant. They are durable enough to withstand heavy or wet dishes without ripping or tearing.

Paper Doilies

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Protect and Add Personality to Your Tabletops

Our disposable doilies add both function and stylish flare to any table setting. They are strong and durable enough to prevent stains or damage to tabletops from extreme temperatures. The strong bond paper material used in our doilies ensures they have the durability to withstand wet dishes without tearing. 

Doilies can be well utilized in all food service or hospitality settings, such as hotels, bars, restaurants, and coffee shops. The added protection that doilies give to any to furniture surface keeps your environment looking new and polished for much longer. They also add another touch of personality to your displayed baked good or dessert items. 

CiboWares offers a wide range of sizes and delicate lace patterns to best suit the needs of your company and its style.