Yellow Rubber Gloves

These all-purpose, reusable gloves are durable and can keep users hands dry and comfortable over long periods of time. Their convenient and strong design makes them ideal for completing janitorial and restaurant tasks.

Yellow Rubber Gloves

Up to any medium risk job

Protect users' hands against harmful chemicals and detergents with our yellow rubber gloves. Available in a standard non-lined option, and a flocked lined option which features a cotton lining and embossed fingertips. These thick and durable latex gloves are ideal for medium risk jobs such as washing dishes, scrubbing sinks, and placing dough in a mixer. They are the classic household cleaning glove, and are perfect for industrial work, janitorial, scrubbing and oven cleaning.

Not sure what size you need? You can refer to our sizing chart for help.


  • All gloves FDA approved for food contact
  • Powder free
  • Reusable household glove
  • Heavy gloves with an average weight of 20 g per glove
  • Excellent resistance Weed Killer, Fertilizer,acetone, chloraceton, hydraulic fluid, boric acid, ethanol and fluorides.


  • Not suitable for users with latex sensitivities
  • Not recommended for medical or homecare use
  • Poor resistance to wood preservatives, vegetable oil, pine oil, turpentine, amyl acetate, brake fluid, gasoline, diesel fuel, asphalt, hexane and mineral oils.