Corrugated Catering Boxes

Cibowares' catering boxes are made from corrugated cardboard making them durable and easily able to handle heavy dishes. The large full pan and half pan boxes are ideal for catering events with family style meals. Our catering boxes are 100% recyclable for eco-friendly disposal.

Catering Food Boxes

Catering Made Easy

Created with convenience in mind, our disposable Catering Boxes are designed to make your travelling, serving and cleanup as easy as possible. These carry out boxes feature a corrugated construction, an angled design for secure transport, and ventilation that will allow food to breathe while staying insulated. Our catering boxes are shipped flat so that they will not take up as much valuable storage space in your kitchen as pre-assembled boxes. Our catering boxes are a must have for any restaurant, catering service, or food service business.