Kids Products

Add Some Fun and Excitement to Your Kids Meals
CiboWares offers a wide selection of kid-friendly products like clown bibs, paper caps, crayons and activity placemats. With so many products to choose from, you're guaranteed to keep young guests entertained while visiting your restaurant.

Kids Products

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Add Some Fun to Any Meal


Our selection of kids products are perfect for any establishment. They are perfectly designed to accommodate young diners and families, and feature fun and creative designs that are sure to impress. 



Add some color to place settings with crayons. Cello wrapped styles are available to keep crayons together, and honeycomb styles are designed to prevent crayons from rolling off tables. Crayon and placemat combo kits are available to allow young customers to color while they wait for their meal. 


Kids Bibs

These poly bibs feature fun clown and balloon designs and are designed to protect children's clothes against food and beverage spills. They also have a catch pocket for maximum convenience. 


Kids Caps

These caps feature fun and creative designs and a soft crepe paper construction to ensure young diners are comfortable. The designs on the cap can be colored in with our selection of crayons while diners wait for their meal.


Kids Cups

These cups come in a variety of imaginative themes and are available with straws and lids so young customers can enjoy beverages with ease. Lids help prevent unfortunate leaks and spills for maximum convenience. 


Kids Picks

Picks are perfect for enhancing the look of any dish. Football, basketball, baseball, soccer, tennis ball, foil pinwheel party, foil fireworks party, and dolphin bamboo picks have unique designs that are perfect for adding some color to any table setting.