Catering Food Pans

Prep, cook and serve all in the same pan

A caterer’s dream, our versatile foil steam pans can be used to prep, store, cook and serve meals. We have sizes to fit any need from main course to dessert. Made to pair with our catering boxes, Cibowares has everything you need to get your meals from the kitchen to the venue.

The pan that does everything

Cibowares’ steam pans are designed to add efficiency to your kitchen. You can use the same pan to prepare meals in advance, store them in the freezer or fridge, and cook them in the oven. For catering you can even put the pans in a catering box to easily transport them to the venue. When you’re done with the pan you can recycle it, making it an easy clean up and an eco-friendly option. Our catering food pans are an ideal choice for buffets, catering, parties and more.