Bakery Supplies

Supplies to Meet Any Bakery's Needs

CiboWares is your one stop shop for everything your bakery needs. From baking cups and pan liners to take-out packaging and even chef hats, we know that every detail, big or small, is important.

Bakery Supplies

Make Baked Goods Taste Delicious

CiboWares selection of bakery products are designed to accommodate any situation your business may face, while providing you with durable products guaranteed to make running your bakery simple and stress free. 


Baking Cups: 

Baking cups are an absolute must have for any bakery location to ensure uniform, delicious cupcakes and muffins.

  • White baking cups are available in 3" - 6" sizes
  • Red or brown tulip baking cups
  • Unique de-nesting feature
  • Eliminates the need to grease pans
  • Oven safe


Take-Out Boxes and Bun Pan Bags: 

Takeout boxes and pan and oven liners are a necessity for any bakery. Take-out boxes are perfect for customers looking to buy orders of muffins, cookies, or other tasty treats and allow for the easy transportation of goods. Bun pan and oven bags help make rolls, bread, pastries, cookies, etc. last longer and stay fresher while preventing the contamination of goods. Want to protect pans from grease or baked on food? Pan liners can be easily inserted in pans to eliminate the painstakingly long process of scrubbing or scouring pans after baking. Intended for single use, they can be removed after use and leave pans clean and ready to bake the next batch of goods.

  • White, black, and kraft take-out boxes
  • White and kraft food containers and lids
  • Low and high density bun pan bags
  • High heat oven pan liners
  • High heat oven bags
  • Steam pan liners



Chef hats, gloves, and hair restraints help keep bakery surfaces and baked goods sanitary. Chef hats have been made to fit most head sizes for maximum convenience, and some feature a sweatband to make extended wear comfortable. Hairnets, koronets, and O.R. caps feature a breathable design and come in a variety of vibrant colors. CiboWares selection of gloves are perfect for completing a variety of tasks including cleaning and food prep and are sure to meet the needs of any bakery. 

  • Fluted, pleated, flat pack, and viscose chef hats
  • Hairnets in 20" - 28" sizes 
  • Koronets in 18", 21", or 24" sizes
  • O.R. caps in 19", 21", or 24" sizes
  • Overseas caps have white, and white with blue or red stripe options
  • Beanie caps in black, navy blue, or white
  • Classy caps in plain white, or white with a red, green, or blue stripe
  • Nylon honeycomb and polypropylene beard protectors
  • Polypropylene hoods
  • Poly, vinyl, latex, nitrile, synthetic, and yellow flocked lined gloves