Tableware - No Added PFAS

Get our most eco-friendly tableware in this collection of plates, bowls and trays with no intentionally added PFAS. Compliant with state PFAS bans, this tableware is made from compostable natural molded fiber.

Tableware - No Added PFAS

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Our most sustainable tableware yet!

Cibowares' newest collection of molded fiber products have no intentionally added PFAS. These products meet state PFAS ban requirements which means they can be used nation-wide including California, Washington and New York! All of our natural molded fiber products are FDA approved for food contact, compostable, freezer safe and microwave safe.

Our new molded fiber products are durable and have a natural grease and moisture resistant barrier allowing it to be composted without adding more PFAS to the environment. Whether you're buying for a restaurant, diner, café, grocery store, food-prep company or any other food-service business, you can be confident you're getting the most eco-friendly option there is without sacrificing quality.