Eco Take-Out Boxes

Featuring poly-coated interiors, these grease-resistant and leak-proof boxes can stand up to any messy dish with ease. Perfect for packaging takeout orders, these boxes are a wonderful eco-friendly option for any foodservice location.

Eco Take-Out Boxes

Quality "Green" Takeout Boxes

Our selection of takeout boxes are available in a variety of sizes and styles to suit any foodservice location's needs! These boxes feature poly-coated interiors and are leak and grease-proof so they can hold messy food items with ease. Our folded boxes retain heat and vent out steam and have wide opening flaps so customers can easily access food items while eating on the go. 

#1 styles are perfect for use with side dishes, salads, and desserts and #2 styles can be used to serve small entrees, side dishes, and sushi. Serving up larger meals or entrees? Use #3 style boxes! #4 boxes are perfect for boxing lunches or serving full meals and fried chicken, while #5 boxes can box full meals and delicious 8" pies. Package appetizers and desserts with quality #8 boxes. 


With so many great options available, CiboWares has everything you need to package any meal or takeout order with ease.