Eco-Friendly Plates

Our wide selection of durable molded fiber plates are available in a variety of sizes and shapes with round, square, rectangular and sectioned options. The square and rectangular plates have matching clear PET lids that can be purchased separately allowing you to send plates of take-away.

Eco-Friendly Plates

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An easy eco-friendly change

Every small change you make can help save the planet. Switching from foam, paper or plastic plates to molded fiber plates is an easy and environmentally friendly upgrade. Not only are the plates more sturdy and durable than alternatives, they are 100% compostable. Our plates can stand up to hot, cold, and oily foods, and Can be heated to a temperature of 212° F. Plates are available in round, square and rectangular options and in a variety of sizes. Cibowares also offers plates that are divided into convenient sections to keep different foods separated. We are guaranteed to have the perfect plate to suit any restaurant, cafeteria, catering company or event.

Some of our molded fiber products contain added PFAS for grease resistance. If you're looking for products with no added PFAS look for "no PFAS added" in the title.