Mildred Simmons

Coffee Lid Stir And Plug Sticks

These unique and innovative stix to go products are ideal for stirring beverages, and plugging the sipping hole of disposable cup lids. Stix To Go products are available as stir sticks that also plug the hole of a disposable cup and as circle beverage plugs. Both come in a wide variety of fun colors and look great.

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Colorful and easy to use, ensure customers get quality hot beverages and are protected against hot spills or leaks with coffee lid stir and plug sticks. 


Beverage Plugs:  Prevent hot beverages from spilling with beverage plugs. Designed to fit firmly in the sipping hole of a disposable coffee lid, they are guaranteed prevent drips or spills and protect customers from hot beverages. 



Stir Stix Plugs: deal for stirring beverages, simply snap the stirrer and insert the plug in the sipping hole of a disposable lid to keep the beverage hot and prevent messy leaks or spills. They are ideal for use with coffee, espressos, cocoas, teas, etc. 



Stir N Plug Stix:  Features many of the same characteristics as stir stix plugs. Stir your drinks and keep the contents of your cup warm and safe.

  • Length: 2"
  • Colors: black, green, orange, red, white, and variety pack
  • Can fit almost any disposable lid
  • Keeps beverages hot up to 40% longer

  • Size: 4.75"
  • Color: black
  • Can fit 8, 12, and 16 oz. cups

  • Size: 7.5"
  • Colors: black, orange, and white
  • Keeps beverages hot up to 40% longer
  • Fits into standard sized small, medium, large, and extra large cups and disposable lids