Eco Friendly Straws

Eco-friendly straws are a great alternative to traditional plastic straws and are available in paper and PLA styles. These straws are ideal for sipping thicker beverages such as milkshakes and smoothies and come unwrapped or paper wrapped for maximum convenience.

Eco Straws

The Green Way to Sip Beverages

Eco-friendly straws are a wonderful alternative to traditional plastic straws. CiboWares has paper and PLA straws available so customers can sip floats, milkshakes, smoothies, and other thick beverages with ease! These straws are available in jumbo and giant sizes and are available paper wrapped or unwrapped. Paper wrapped styles are a great option for takeout locations as they can simply be placed in takeout packaging and keep straws sanitary prior to use. 


Paper straws are made from paper materials and feature a design that has a similar look and feel to traditional plastic straws! PLA straws are made from sustainable corn-based plastic resources and are BPI certified compostable in commercial composting facilities. This certification does not cover backyard composting. Durable, they meet the ASTM D6400 for composting. These straws cannot be placed in high-temperature locations and should not exceed 113 degrees F. 

  • Material: Paper or PLA
  • Sizes: 7.75" and 10.25" 
  • Styles: Jumbo and Giant
  • Wrap: Paper wrapped and unwrapped available