Break Room Supplies

Brighten Up Break Rooms

When it comes to break time, every employee wants nothing more than to relax. Convenience is key, and we’ve got you covered with our selection of break room supplies. With everything from cup sleeves to picks and skewers at your disposal, your break room is sure to be a hit with staff.

Break Room Supplies

Stock Up on Functional Break Room Products

Give employees a stress free, well stocked break room with CiboWares break room supplies. Use our selection of ashtrays, cup sleeves, cutlery and utensils, napkins and bands, picks and skewers, stirrers and straws, tableware, and towelettes to make your break room the go-to hangout for your staff. 



Featuring an elegant star design, these star aluminum cigar or cigarette ashtrays are perfect for accommodating employees that smoke. Disposable, they make cleanup simple and easy. Not as heavy or impossible to clean as other ashtrays, their effective design is sure to impress. 

  • Available in gold and silver star designs
  • Sizes: 4.25" diameter 
  • Aluminum construction
  • Lightweight
  • Disposable
  • Foldable 


Cup Sleeves: 

Leave Envirolines cup sleeves in break rooms so employees can protect their hands against piping hot beverages such as cocoas, coffee, or tea. Able to slid over most standard sized disposable cups with ease, they are environmentally friendly and made from 80% post-consumer recycled fiber. They are available in printed or non-printed styles. 

  • Sizes: 8 oz - 24 oz
  • Printed cups have "Enjoy :)" printed on the front 
  • Printed cups have boxes on the reverse side to note the type of beverage
  • Environmentally friendly 


Cutlery and Utensils: 

Looking for stylish and unique cutlery and utensils? CiboWares selection of bamboo, wood, and plastic cutlery is sure to meet any break room's needs. Wood and bamboo products are eco-friendly and compostable. Splinter-free and durable, these products are great for digging into tasty snacks. Plastic 3 prong forks can be used for Halloween staff parties, and use disposable paper wrapped wooden spoons with frozen treats to minimize cleanup. 

  • Bamboo chopsticks
  • Bamboo heart forks
  • Wooden spoons
  • Two prong wooden forks
  • Heavyweight disposable wooden and plastic cutlery
  • Heavyweight white plastic knives
  • Plastic 3 prong devil forks
  • Taster spoons


Napkins and Bands: 

Ideal for use with beverages and messy finger foods or snacks, CiboWares napkins are an effective and colorful alternative to cloth napkins. Made from paper materials, they can be wrapped in napkin bands for maximum convenience. 

  • White airlaid guest towels and napkins
  • Black, kraft, kelly green, navy blue, purple, red, red gingham, white, and yellow beverage napkins
  • Black, red, and white dinner napkins
  • Black, blue, brown, burgundy, green, hunter green, kraft, red, rust, teal, and white napkin bands


Stirrers and Straws: 

Give beverages some extra pizzazz with CiboWares stirrers and straws. Made from plastic, bamboo, and wood materials, these fun, colorful, and multi functional straws are perfect for sipping a wide variety of beverages at work or on the go. Stir stix, and wood and bamboo stirrers feature elegant, functional designs and are ideal for stirring cream or sugar into coffee or tea, while sip straws are great for use with juices. 

  • Giant red straws
  • Black, red, and white with red stripe sip straws
  • Flexible straws
  • Jumbo red, black, and clear straws
  • Colossal neon straws
  • Foil fireworks drinking straws
  • Assorted paper fruit straws
  • Wood, bamboo, and plastic stir sticks
  • Black, orange, and white stir n plug stix 
  • Beverage plugs
  • Black stir stix plugs



Stock up on CiboWares towelettes to accommodate a variety of needs in your break room. First aid towelettes can act as an antiseptic and treat minor wounds, cuts, and bruises without stinging. They are a must have for any break room first aid kit. Employees will love ultimate fingerbowls and moist towelettes as they are an easy way for employees to clean off their hands after enjoying some delicious snacks. 

  • First aid towelettes
  • Moist towelettes
  • The ultimate fingerbowls