Grill Screens

Bring Back the Lustrous Look of Your Griddles

Perfect for use on hot grills to remove caked-on food particles, CiboWares selection of griddle screens are guaranteed to remove even the toughest food particles during cleaning.

Grill Screens

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Keep Grills Sparkling Clean

Achieve spotless grills effortlessly with our innovative grill screens. Perfect for banishing stubborn grime and grease buildup, these grill screens are a must-have for any grilling enthusiast or professional chef. Crafted with precision and designed for efficiency, our grill screens ensure that your grilling surface stays sparkling clean, enhancing the flavor and presentation of your culinary creations.

Our grill screens are engineered to tackle even the toughest stains and food residues, leaving your grill pristine and ready for the next cooking session. The rayon mesh screen not only provides superior scrubbing power but also allows for easy rinsing without clogging, ensuring maximum convenience during cleaning.

Key Features:

  • Grill Screen Cleaner: Say goodbye to stubborn residue with our grill screen cleaner. Designed to make grill maintenance a breeze, our screens effectively remove grease and grime, restoring your grill to its original shine.
  • Disposable Grill Screen: For added convenience, opt for our disposable grill screens. Simply discard after use for a hassle-free cleanup, perfect for busy kitchens and outdoor cooking events.
  • Grill Screen Holder: Keep your hands safe and secure with our grill screen holder. Designed for ergonomic handling, the holder provides a comfortable grip while ensuring optimal control and maneuverability
  • Mesh Grill Screen: Experience the power of mesh with our grill screens. The mesh construction offers excellent scrubbing action, allowing you to achieve thorough cleaning without scratching or damaging your grill surface.


  • Size: 4" x 5.5"
  • Material: Treated with aluminum oxide for enhanced durability
  • Heat resistant Withstands high temperatures for effective cleaning without compromise

Whether you're a backyard barbecue enthusiast or a professional chef, our grill screens are your go-to solution for keeping your grilling surface in pristine condition. Explore our collection today and elevate your grilling experience to new heights.