Eco Stirrers

Creating a more eco-friendly restaurant or coffee shop can start with small steps. One of those steps can be to replace using plastic drink stirrers with a stirrer made from easily renewable resources. Our line of eco stirrers ensures that both convenience and environmental friendliness are possible.

Eco Stirrers

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Stir Things Up With Eco Drink Stirrers 

Our eco stirrers are ideal for use in any coffee shop, restaurant, or food service area where tea or coffee are served. Our bamboo stirrers made from all natural bamboo. They can be disposed of in your compost or food waste bin, making them more eco-friendly than plastic stirrers. They are stronger than both wood and plastic stirrers, and do not splinter. 

Bamboo coffee stirrers come in a variety of sizes: 5", 7", and 7" Kraft Paper Wrapped. The Kraft Paper Wrapped Stirrers come individually wrapped to help prevent cross contamination with foods. 

Benefits of Using Bamboo Materials: 

  • Bamboo is a sustainable resource, and is rapidly renewing
  • It is suitable for harvest in 3-7 years (compared to 25-70 years for hardwood trees)
  • Requires little water, and no use of pesticides, fertilizers, or any heavy equipment
  • Bamboo offers excellent tensile and compression strengths, and is harder than red oak or maple