Bar Supplies

Keep Your Business Running All Night Long

Keep your bar spotless and give beverages some flair with CiboWares selection of cleaning supplies, picks and straws.

Bar Supplies

Take Your Bar's Style Up a Notch

Give your bar a stylish, unique, and memorable look with CiboWares selection of premium quality bar products. Don't settle for boring looking drinks or place settings, use coasters, placemats, stirrers, and straws to spruce things up. Keep your bar spotless with our cleaning products so you can impress customers with your dedication to giving them a wonderful dining experience. 


Beverage Coasters: 

Prevent condensation from ice cold glasses from ruining place settings with beverage coasters. Made from pulp board, cellulose, and stock paper materials, they are durable enough to hold heavy glasses without ripping or tearing.

  • Round and square NRA design
  • Gold Greek key and Greek key catch-all designs
  • Orange decaf design
  • Plain white coasters


Cup Sleeves: 

Protect customers hands from coffees, teas, cocoas, and other hot beverages with Envirolines kraft cup sleeves. Able to slid over most standard sized disposable cups with ease, they are environmentally friendly and made from 80% post consumer recycled fiber. 

  • Sizes: 8 oz - 24 oz
  • Printed cups have "Enjoy :)" printed on the front 
  • Printed cups have boxes on the reverse side to note the type of beverage
  • Environmentally friendly 



Give beverages, appetizers, and cakes an elegant and stylish look with lace doilies. Perfect for placing under beverage cups, cocktail plates, dessert bowls, and a variety of other tableware, they protect tabletops  and counter tops from disastrous burns from piping hot meals or stains.

  • Sizes: 4" - 18"
  • 60lb bond paper construction
  • Protects counter tops from hot or cold dishes


Lemon Wraps: 

No one wants unsanitary lemon wedges, use lemon wraps to protect lemon wedges from contamination and keep seeds from falling into beverages and food. Featuring a fine mesh design, these wraps feature elegant, effective designs that are sure to add a stylish touch to any meal. 

  • Flat yellow lemon wraps with green ribbons
  • White lemon wedge bags
  • yellow lemon wedge bags


Napkins and Bands: 

Ideal for use with beverages, messy finger foods, entrees, and appetizers CiboWares napkins are an effective and colorful alternative to cloth napkins. Made from paper materials, they can be used with coordinating napkin bands to enhance the look of place settings. 

  • White airlaid guest towels and napkins
  • Black, kraft, kelly green, navy blue, purple, red, red gingham, white, and yellow beverage napkins
  • Black, red, and white dinner napkins
  • Black, blue, brown, burgundy, green, hunter green, kraft, red, rust, teal, and white napkin bands



Protect your tabletops from spills or hot or cold dishes with our colorful and fun placemats. Made from a variety of paper materials, the colored and design placemats feature "color fast" ink which prevents the ink from running and ruining the placemat when it becomes wet. Disposable, they make cleaning tables or counters quick and easy. 

  • Spaghetti design
  • Mexican fiesta design
  • India design
  • Gold border design
  • Fun and games 
  • Flower design
  • Solid colors and other designs available 


Stirrers and Straws: 

Give your beverages some extra pizzazz with CiboWares stirrers and straws. Made from plastic, bamboo, and wood materials, these fun, colorful, and multi functional straws are perfect for sipping a wide variety of beverages. Use jumbo or giant straws to sip thicker beverages such as milkshakes or slushies, and use foil fireworks drinking straws to add some color and style to juices. Stir stix, and wood and bamboo stirrers are ideal for stirring cream or sugar into coffee or tea. 

  • Giant red straws
  • Black, red, and white with red stripe sip straws
  • Flexible straws
  • Jumbo red, black, and clear straws
  • Colossal neon straws
  • Foil fireworks drinking straws
  • Assorted paper fruit straws
  • Wood, bamboo, and plastic stirrers 
  • Wood, bamboo, and plastic stir sticks
  • Black, orange, and white stir n plug stix 


Towels and Wipes: 

Clean up spills and kill germs and bacteria with ease with CiboWares towels and wipes. First aid towelettes can act as an antiseptic, while ultimate fingerbowls and moist towelettes can be served to customers after a meal or included in take-out packages. Towels are absorbent and ideal for cleaning off tables and wiping up spills on counter tops.

  • Red catch-all towels
  • Medium white towels
  • Pink diamond towels
  • First aid towelettes
  • Moist towelettes
  • The ultimate fingerbowls