Convenience Store Supplies

Everything You Need to Keep Your Store Running 24/7

With everything from take-out bags to paper wrapped wooden spoons, CiboWares offers everything you need to keep your convenience store running smoothly.

Convenience Store Supplies

Make Your Convenience Store a Success

Running a convenience store can be a daunting task, CiboWares selection of convenience store products is sure to meet all of your businesses needs and keep customers satisfied. 


Register Rolls: 

CiboWares selection of thermal, carbonless, and bond register rolls offer a quality receipt tape that holds ink well. Bond register rolls are ideal for use in locations with P.O.S (Point of Sale) system printers, debit or credit card machines, ATM's, or cash registers. Need two copies of the same printed receipt? Carbonless register rolls are ideal for use with P.O.S systems and consist of white and yellow parts, two copies of the same printed receipt. The white copy is kept by the business and the yellow copy is given to the customer. Thermal register rolls are designed for use in thermal printers at P.O.S systems. 

  • Thermal register rolls available in 2-1/4" x 60' - 3-1/8" x 230' sizes
  • Carbonless register rolls available in 2-1/4" x 90' - 4.5" x 90' sizes
  • Bond register rolls available in 2-1/4" x 130' - 44mm x 130'
  • 1 or 2 ply styles


Storage Bags: 

Store everything from candies to produce in CiboWares storage bags. Perfect for keeping food fresh, or storing food items in the freezer, double zipper gallon bags feature a great double zipper design that is guaranteed to block out air and contaminants and seal in freshness. Food storage bags can store and package pre-portioned foods with ease, and come with twist ties to ensure easy closure. 

  • High and low density food storage bags
  • High and low density deli saddle bags
  • Low density flip top sandwich bags
  • Double zipper bags
  • Double zipper sandwich bags
  • Saddle bag dispensing racks


Thank You/Take-Out Bags: 

Carry heavy loads with ease with CiboWares take-out or t-shirt style bags. Durable, these bags prevent unfortunate ripping or tearing and are completely recyclable. Perfect for holding grocery or convenience store items, take-out, or retail products these multi functional bags are an absolute must have. 

  • "Thank You" and "Gracias" styles
  • Plain black and white
  • Wave top to go bags


Towels and Wipes: 

Clean up spills and kill germs and bacteria with ease with CiboWares towels and wipes. First aid towelettes can act as an antiseptic, while ultimate fingerbowls and moist towelettes are perfect for customers enjoying messy foods on the go. Towels are absorbent and ideal for cleaning off counter tops or wiping up spills. Looking for a gentle, alcohol free wipe for kids? Scented and unscented baby wipes are a must have at any location to accommodate families with small children. 

  • Red catch-all towels
  • Medium white towels
  • Pink diamond towels
  • First aid towelettes
  • Moist towelettes
  • The ultimate fingerbowls
  • Scented or unscented baby wipes
  • Scented or unscented baby wipes refill


Cutlery and Utensils: 

Made from premium quality bamboo, wood, and plastic materials cutlery and utensils are perfect for use with a variety of food items. Taster spoons and paper wrapped wooden spoons are ideal for use with ice cream or other frozen treats, and cutlery kits are great for customers eating a meal on the go. 

  • Paper wrapped or unwrapped wooden spoons
  • Taster spoons
  • Bamboo heart forks
  • Two prong wooded forks
  • Plastic 3 prong red devil forks
  • Medium weight plastic forks, knives, and spoons
  • Heavy weight plastic forks, knives, and spoons
  • Heavy weight wooden forks, knives, and spoons
  • Cutlery kits