Kids Bibs

Children's clown and balloon design bibs are made from waterproof polyethylene and are ideal for use at play schools, daycares, and restaurants. They have a convenient catch pocket on the bottom of bibs and are designed to protect users clothing from leaks and spills.

Kids Bibs

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Allow Youngsters to Dine in Comfort

Children's poly bibs are perfectly designed for use by children at dining locations. Ideal for protecting youngsters clothing from leaks and spills from soups, juice, pasta, or ice cream, they feature a catch pocket on the bottom to prevent sauces from running down bibs onto users shirts. Featuring a fun and colorful clown and balloon design, they have a durable waterproof polyethylene construction and are a must-have for day care centers, play schools, and restaurant locations. 

  • Material: Waterproof polyethylene
  • Size: 14.5" L x 11" W
  • Design: Clown and balloon
  • Catch pocket