Eco Cutlery

Eco-Friendly Never Goes Out of Style

Our line of environmentally friendly cutlery is convenient and attractive. Made from high quality wood, CPLA, plant starch, or bamboo, our forks, spoons, knives, and utensils are perfect for any event.

Eco Cutlery

Host Eco-Friendly Events in Style With CiboWares' Eco Cutlery 


CiboWares' line of eco-friendly cutlery is perfect for environments where both convenience and environmental friendliness are valued. While these products are a disposable item, they are made from all natural high quality wood and premium quality bamboo, making them a more stylish option than plastic. They can be disposed of in compost bins. Their strong, durable nature and high quality composition ensures that the cutlery will not crack or splinter. 

Available bamboo products include:

  • Bamboo tongs; ideal for use with trays where selection of single small items are required
  • Two prong heart forks; ideal for presenting appetizers or individual food items on platters


Available wooden products include:

  • Heavy weight forks, spoons, and knives; ideal for use with any meal
  • 3.54" wooden spoons; ideal for serving with ice cream, cheesecake, or similar foods
  • Two prong wooden fork; ideal for serving with appetizers, fruit, or cheese trays