Serve in style with CiboWares' tabletop products. Coasters, cutlery and utensils, glasses, napkins and accessories, paper placemats, tablecovers, and tableware are available to suit any restaurant's needs. Stylish and durable, these products are an absolute must-have for any establishment.


Serve In Style With CiboWares' Tabletop Products

CiboWares offers a wide variety of tabletop products: coasters, cutlery, utensils,  napkins, placemats, tablecovers, ashtrays, lemon wraps and more.  If you can imagine a place, then we have the perfect product for you. Great for restaurants, pubs, coffee shops, food trucks, cafeterias and more.  Of course, these quality products are perfect for your home too. First impressions are important so make sure you protect your image and brand with great tabletop products from CiboWares.


Coasters are necessary to protect your tabletops from watermarks and unwanted scuffs. Protect your furniture, save money, and keep your area looking great. Our wide variety of disposable coasters are tough enough that water condensation from any glass won't cause them to rip and tear. We even have different shapes and designs. The plain white coasters are perfect for adding your own logo.


Cutlery and utensils are must-have items and we have a quality Cibowares item for every situation and place. Chopsticks, knives, forks, spoons, and bamboo tongs are just some of what we have. Whether it is for eating soup, steak, or sushi, we have something for you. Plastic, wood, and bamboo options are available for whatever you need.  


 Napkins and napkin bands are two more items that you shouldn't forget when stocking up.  Our paper napkins are tough, absorbent, and available in many different colors. Fun and festive, these napkins are great for parties, picnics, restaurants, and more.  Napkin bands are perfect for wrapping up utensils and napkins, keep your flatware from becoming dirty, and will speed up table setting.  


Placemats and tablecovers will protect your tables and set the scene for a wonderful dining experience. They are disposable, cutting out the need for cleaning, and make sure everyone gets a clean table setting wherever they are.


Shop with confidence and enjoy the wide selection of products.


  • Coasters
  • Cutlery and utensils
  • Napkins and napkin bands
  • Placemats and tablecovers
  • Disposable Ashtrays
  • Lemon wraps