Protective Wear

Our protective wear is available in the form of poly aprons, shoe covers, arm guards, and isolation gowns. CiboWares offers a variety of colors, styles, and sizes to suit any need and keep your employees safe.

Protective Wear

Offers Quality Protection

Safety is the most important part of the workplace. Make sure your employees are properly protected with CiboWares selection of protective wear. Sturdy and durable, these products are up to any task. 



Protect clothing against dust and messy spills and splashes with CiboWares aprons. Waterproof, polyethylene aprons have extra long ties to accommodate a variety of sizes and ensure the apron stays in place while in use. Polypropylene aprons offer excellent protection against dirt and dust and feature a lightweight, yet durable design. 

  • 0.5, 1, 1.5, and 1.77 mil poly aprons
  • White and blue lightweight poly aprons
  • Polypropylene aprons


Arm Guards: 

Perfect for keeping users' arms dry and protected, these arm guards offer great protection against water, organic solvents, and light chemicals. 

  • Blue and white lightweight poly arm guards
  • Material: polyethylene
  • Perfect for use in meat packing or food processing industries


Face Masks: 

Protect against airborne diseases, dust, and dirt particulates with face masks. These masks feature ear loop protection and have a high rate for particulate filtration efficiency. 

  • Blue non-woven face masks with ear loops
  • Non-woven
  • Latex free
  • Ear loop protection


Isolation Gowns: 

Waterproof, polyethylene gowns are the ideal choice for healthcare facilities to protect employees from accidental spills or splashes of harmful chemicals. They do not feature a breathable design, and have thumb loops to ensure the gowns stay in place during use. Polypropylene gowns are ideal for use in drier, non-toxic environments and feature a lightweight, breathable design to allow for maximum comfort. 

  • Sizes: 40" x 25" and 47" x 37"
  • Materials: polyethylene and polypropylene
  • Colors: blue, white, and yellow
  • Offers protection against liquids, bacteria, and dust


Lab Coats: 

Protect clothing in non-toxic, dry environments with white poly pro lab coats. Comfortable, they are great for extended wear and are made from lightweight and breathable material. 


  • Color: white
  • Sizes: small - 9XL
  • Material: polypropylene
  • Pocket-less
  • E-wrists and snap front

Shoe Covers: 

Protect employees shoes from harmful substances or slippery work environments with shoe covers. Convenient, they allow employees to wear their own shoes in the workplace and help prevent dirt and bacteria from contaminating surfaces. 

  • Sizes: 16.5", 18.5", and one size fits all
  • Material: spun-bonded polypropylene, cross linked polyethylene, and non-woven polypropylene
  • Colors: blue and white