Guest Checks and Order Pads

Our guest checks offer a simple, professional option for accurate check drops. Easy-to-use, our guest check options help servers to avoid mistakes, reduce waste, and increase profits by improving table or delivery service.

Guest Checks and Order Pads

Efficient and Easy to Use

Make taking customers orders quick and easy with guest checks. Server pads, sales books, delivery forms, and guest checks are some of the styles available to assist servers and delivery staff. Efficient and easy to use, avoid mistakes when taking customers orders with CiboWares selection of guest checks. 

Server Pads: 

Featuring eight perfectly spaced lines for easy and accurate recording, these server pads are ideal for keeping track of customers orders, tables, the number of guests, and the name of the server. 

  • 1 or 2 part booked
  • Carbonless or paper styles
  • Color: white

Sales Books: 

Keep track of customers account information with sales books. Ideal for noting account balance, day account was opened, details of transactions, etc. they have thirteen conveniently spaced lines to allow for quick and easy recording. They also feature a duplicate copy for the business' records. 

  • 2 part booked
  • Carbon or carbonless styles
  • Color: white

Delivery Forms: 

Designed to make delivery staff look professional, these books allow staff to keep track of the order delivered to a customer, the time ordered, and the promised delivery time. With fourteen lines available for accurate recording, they also feature a wrap around cover to prevent write through for maximum convenience. 

  • 3 part booked
  • Carbonless
  • Color: white

Guest Checks: 

Make taking customers orders a snap with guest checks. Perfect for noting customers orders, table numbers, the number of guests, etc. they are an absolute must-have for any restaurant location to ensure that servers and kitchen staff look professional and organized. 

  • Guest check board or paper 
  • Booked or loose
  • 1,2, or 3 part booked
  • 1,2, or 3 part loose 
  • Carbonless, interleave carbon, or carbon styles
  • Colors: green, pink, red, tan, and white
  • Unique guest checks available are red asian guest checks and white gracias guest checks